Kansas City Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning 

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

kansas city tree trimming services

When we trim or prune your Kansas City trees, we follow one clear standard for success: Have we retained the long-term health and beauty of the tree? 

Properly caring for your trees and shrubs in Kansas City, encourages strong growth and reduces the risk of damage due to stormy weather, as well as helping to control insects and plant related diseases, so your Kansas City trees can live a long happy and healthy life! 

Benefits of Tree Trimming in Kansas City

Health - Proper Tree trimming and care enhances the overall growth. It also helps to improve their ability to withstand our Kansas City storm season. 

Controls Insects and Pests - Keeping your trees trimmed on a regular basis will make it much easier to manage insects and pests. 

Protects home and property - The safety of your home and property is another reason why tree trimming in Kansas City is so important. The presence of dead, diseased, and dying branches poses a huge risk to your home. Tree trimming, along with pruning, ensures your home will remain safe. 

Not to mention a well-manicured landscape can raise your property value by 20%!

Our trained arbor techs thoroughly examine a tree from top to bottom. They identify and remove diseased, damaged, dying, or dead branches, eliminating crossover growth to improve structure.

We selectively prune throughout the crown for light and air ventilation reducing stress weight for balance. This complete procedure was developed for the Kansas City homeowner, perfected by our skilled trimmers and delivered by the entire crew at Cartwright Tree Care for the optimal health and beauty of your trees because "We Care!"


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