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Our Philosophy, Mission, and Values

Kansas City Tree Care Service

Here at Cartwright Tree Care our philosophy, values, and mission statement serve as a living framework for all that we do. 

Our Mission: 

"Guaranteeing exceptional customer satisfaction with a commitment to integrity of service and to use our success to create a positive impact for our employees, community and planet."

Cartwright Tree Care is your leading provider in residential and commercial tree care and we are a family-owned and operated, full-service tree care company in the Kansas City area. 

We are a little crazy for trees. We drive our friends and family members crazy, constantly stopping to admire or comment on every tree we encounter. There is such an inherent goodness in caring for trees! 

From tree pruning to tree removal, routine tree maintenance and stump grinding, Professionals at Cartwright Tree Care deliver excellent customer service.

Fully licensed and insured, our tree care professionals feel no job is complete until that last piece of debris is removed from your home, business, or development site. 

We offer:

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